Campbell Point
(Adrian Dorst photo)

Mayne Island


Measuring 23sq km/8.9sq mi, Mayne Island is the second smallest inhabited island in BC's southern Gulf Islands.

It is located on the eastside of Active Pass directly across from Galiano Island. Pender Island is to the south across Navy Channel and Plumper Sound, while Saturna Island and the Canada-US maritime boundary is to the southeast.

Access to the Gulf Islands

Mayne's lighthouse at Georgina Point faces the choppy waters of the Salish Sea (aka Strait of Georgia) and the BC mainland's coastal mountains. The ferry dock at Village Bay is the island's arrival and departure point. From here it's a 10-minute drive northeast to Miners Bay, the hub of social and shopping activity.

Farmlands & Mountain Views

Large parcels of agricultural land occupy a sizeable percentage of Mayne's landmass. Mount Parke in the south-central heart of the island is its highest peak at 255m/837ft. The second-growth forested slopes are protected as a regional park where hiking trails lead to a panoramic viewpoint.

Climate and Weather

Like other Gulf Islands, Mayne sits in Vancouver Island's rain shadow and enjoys considerably less precipitation and more hours of sunshine than Victoria and Vancouver. The average annual rainfall is 750mm/29.5in, but numbers vary considerably year to year.

The moderating influence of the ocean keeps summertime temperatures in the low 20°C/70°F range with occasional hot spells in July and August. Spring and fall is ideal sweater weather for walking through wildflowers and/or surprisingly vibrant autumn colours. Winter lows hover a few degrees above freezing and sturdy raingear is essential.