Morfee Lake
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Snowmobiling  (Don Weixl photo)

Snowmobiling (Don Weixl photo)

Mackenzie is a snowmobile-friendly community that offers winter recreationists a wide selection of snowmobile trails that appeal to mountain sledders.

You can find areas with easy terrain for beginners and families, or take on some of the more challenging trails. For more information about snowmobiling opportunities in Mackenzie, including trail maps, snowmobile club information and more visit  http://snoriderswest.com/mackenzie.

Mackenzie provides "from porch to powder" access to sledding trails, and has a fenced, monitored compound next to the Recreation Center downtown, where visitors can safely stow their snowmobiles when not in use, and then head out to directly from the compound to trails leading into the mountains.

Morfee Mountain Snowmobiling Trails

Enjoy excellent powder conditions at Morfee Mountain with fantastic views of the northern Rockies and the Rocky Mountain Trench, and sled through the forest along the Gagnon Trail to Mackenzie Junction. Along the approximately 50km/31mi of trails, there are two warming huts with wood stoves, which provide an opportunity to escape from the cold.

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