Morfee Lake
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Parks & Wildlife

Park in BC (JF Bergeron photo)

Park in BC (JF Bergeron photo)

Given Mackenzie's proximity to forestland and mountains, opportunities to view wildlife here abound.

Watch for moose, deer, grizzly and black bears, lynx, wolverines and wolves all living in the region. Animals inhabiting higher elevations, alpine and sub-alpine areas include caribou, mountain goats and Stone's sheep.

Mackenzie is also a good bird watching destination, with the Mackenzie Nature Observatory located approximately 14km/8.7mi from town. While in the area, keep an eye to the skies for eagles, hawks and osprey. Ospreys are particularly found around fish-bearing rivers and lakes, and will dive into the water for prey. A complete list of animals and fish found in the Williston Lake watershed is available on the BC Hydro website.

Nearby parks offer camping opportunities. There are rustic sites available at the lake-dotted Heather-Dina Lakes Provincial Park and more developed sites at Tudyah Lake Provincial Park.

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