Rafting the Thompson River


Things to Do

Nahatlatch River, Boston Bar (Reo Rafting Resort/Ryan Robinson photo)

Nahatlatch River, Boston Bar (Reo Rafting Resort/Ryan Robinson photo)

Awe-inspiring in dimensions and diversity, Lytton and the Fraser Canyon are rich with First Nations culture and a hard-earned heritage of railways and gold rush pioneers.

Hikers, river rafters and history buffs all flock to the region. Walking tours of Lytton, and especially Yale, are a delightful step back into history, and provide a chance to relax in a park or meet local artists. Ken Glasgow's outdoor metal sculptures are really something. Lytton is also a good place to try out geocaching and is part of the Gold Country GeoTourism Program.

Train Spotting

Train spotters can be spied at various scenic locations along the Thompson River and at Siska Bridges near Lytton, the point where both the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways cross the Fraser River.


Geocaching is free and fun for the entire family. It is best described as a modern treasure hunt using GPS units. With more than 75 treasures to be found between Hope and Barkerville, the Fraser Canyon has more than its fair share both as part of the Chasing the Butterfly passport / geocache program and Gold Country's GeoTourism Program.

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