Rafting the Thompson River


Confluence of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers (Picture BC photo)

Confluence of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers (Picture BC photo)

Cutting a treacherous path through jagged mountains, the Fraser River has created what is, arguably, one of the finest river canyon landscapes in the world.

Its extraordinarily diverse geography makes Lytton (area population 1,300) a top choice for adventurers who enjoy hiking, geocaching, mountain biking and whitewater rafting. Hell's Gate Airtram is a star attraction and wilderness parks like the Stein Valley, with its rich First Nations heritage, are hidden jewels.

Fraser Canyon

Add to this the canyon's hard-earned sagas of early explorers, gold rush pioneers and railroads that blasted a passage through the cliffs to secure a nation, and the canyon holds the promise to yield any number of historic sites, intriguing art, inspired photography, wildlife and festivals that celebrate its folklore and history.

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