Heli-hiking in Glacier National Park

(Ryan Creary photo)

Kootenay Rockies


In the Kootenay Rockies region, inland ferries shuttle passengers and vehicles across the region's rivers and lakes. There are no ferry terminals, just drive up and board free of charge.

Visit the Inland Ferries website for addtional information. Be sure to check schedules in advance as departures run based on demand.

Inland Ferry Routes

The Kootenay Lake Ferry crosses Kootenay Lake between Balfour and Kootenay Bay and is the longest free ferry crossing in the world.

There are two crossings along the Kootenay River: Harropy Ferry just west of Balfour and Glade Ferry from Glade.

There are multiple crossings that connect Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes: Arrow Lake Ferry crosses the junction between Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes from Arrow Park on Highway 6. The Galena Bay-Shelter Bay Ferry crosses Upper Arrow Lake between Galena Bay and Shelter Bay. Needles Ferry crosses Lower Arrow Lake between Needles and Fauquier

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