Aerial view of Kitimat

(Picture BC)


Arts, Culture & History Tours


Aboriginal carver

Kitamaat Village (about a 20-minute drive east of Kitimat) is home to Haisla Tourism, which offers various wildlife, hot spring, and adventure tours.

Each tour, led by a local guide, includes a cultural component such as a brief overview of Haisla culture and history. Tours also include a freshly caught seafood meal of crab or salmon served on the beach. Also located in the Kitimat District, Douglas Channel Tours offers similar cultural excursions.

Wilderness & Wildlife Tours

Spend a few hours, a day or several days and nights in the wilderness surrounding the traditional Haisla territory. Discover the wild forest and clear blue waters of the Kitlope Conservancy, the world's largest undeveloped coastal temperate rainforest; soak and relax for an afternoon in Bishop Bay or Shearwater hot springs; or view bears, wolves, otters, eagles, swan, ducks, sea lions and ravens, maybe even whales, in their natural environment.

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