Kimberley's Pedestrian Platzl
(Picture BC photo)



Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Kimberley's relaxed recreational life style attracts a variety of outdoor enthusiasts.

The numerous lakes, rivers and streams in and around the area make this mountain paradise a very popular sport fishing destination for people of all ages and abilities. Anglers consider it one of the finest dry fly-fisheries in North America.

Regulations and Licenses

The majority of the river systems in southeastern British Columbia are "class II" waters, which are designed to protect the west slope cutthroat trout. As with many fishing destinations, enthusiasts interested in fishing in the province must abide by the BC Ministry of Environment's fishing regulations.

All are required to pay a daily fee to fish the waters and have a fishing license, which can be bought from local angler and fly shops. Lakes tend to open around mid-April when the ice is off the lake, and rivers open in mid-June.

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