Skier riding the steeps
(Ryan Creary photo)

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort


Near Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, the town of Golden is situated on the floodplain between two heritage rivers: the Columbia River and the wild Kicking Horse River.

Columbia Valley

At Golden, just 140km/87mi north of its source, the Columbia Valley takes a sharp turn – the beginning of a slow change in direction for this great North American river, which ultimately flows south into the United States.

Dogtooth Mountain Range

Mountains surround this small valley town in every direction, but none is quite as dramatic as the line of peaks that dominate the skyline to the southwest. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort occupies 1,113ha/2,750ac of the northeastern face of the aptly named Dogtooth Range. More than 70 chutes striate the ridge, providing exceptional terrain for skiers and snowboarders.

Highest Ski Resort in BC

At 2,450m/8,033ft above sea level, the summit of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is higher than any other ski resort in British Columbia. From the top of the ridge, high above the valley floor, the view on a clear day encompasses no less than five of Canada's national parks. To the south and west, the Purcell Range occupies the large wilderness area west of the Rocky Mountain Trench, incorporating the world-famous Bugaboos and the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy.

Just a fifteen minute drive from downtown Golden, the base area of the resort has grown into a small village of hotels, condominiums, restaurants and services.

Climate & Weather

Average winter temperatures run between a high of -6°C/21°F and a low of -14°C/7°F in the valley, with temperatures declining with elevation on the mountain.

Down on the valley floor, Golden's average annual snowfall is 184cm/72in and seems insignificant when compared with a phenomenal 700cm/275in at the top of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Winter tires are recommended.