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Due to Kamloops' geographic location amongst hills and valleys, car travel is the best transportation method.

Within the city however, extensive bus routes make public transportation a good option. Getting to Kamloops is also possible by rail or air.

Car Travel

Driving to Kamloops from the west coast? Take Highway 5 (the Coquihalla), which splits from the Trans-Canada at Hope, offering an over-the-mountains journey directly to Kamloops. Alternately, at Merritt opt to drive rolling sage-covered hills along Highway 5A to Quilchena and into Kamloops.

The Trans-Canada Highway is a scenic and historic route as well and it follows the Fraser River up from Hope towards Kamloops. The Trans-Canada is the primary route from southern Alberta, while Highway 5 (The Yellowhead) services travelers from Jasper. Rental cars are available at the Kamloops Airport or through local hotels.

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Transportation & Maps