Chainsaw carvings in Henry Stege Park

(Don Petit/Hudson's Hope Tourism photo)

Hudson's Hope

Things to Do

Hudson's Hope Visitor Centre (Picture BC photo)

Hudson's Hope Visitor Centre (Picture BC photo)

Hudson's Hope, located in the Peace River Valley on the edge of the northern Rocky Mountain foothills, offers excellent opportunities for outdoor adventuring.

Fish one of the area's many waterways by boat or from shore, pitch a tent at a campground or along a lakeside, keep a constant eye for plentiful wildlife.

Hudson's Hope also has low-key options, of which touring the W.A.C. Bennett Dam is a highlight.

Water Activities

Serene waters inspire paddling enthusiasts on the Peace River and at Cameron Lake and Carbon Lake.

Spot wildlife including deer, elk, bears, bald eagles and butterflies such as swallowtails with blue and black spotted wings. Of course, each of these waterways offers great fishing as well.

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