Morice River and Buck Flats

Canoeing at Stepp Lake, Nenikëkh/Nanika-Kidprice Provincial Park near Houston

(Chris Harris photo)


Kayaking & Canoeing

Family kayaking (Dave Heath photo)

Family kayaking (Dave Heath photo)

Houston, with its hundreds of surrounding lakes, streams, and rivers, is an ideal destination for water activities such as a canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing.

Pick from one of many popular padding spots such as the Morice River, Ootsa Lake, or Atna Lake and head out on the water for the day. Better yet, set out one of the most popular multi-day canoe routes in the area, the Nanika-Kidprice circuit.

Nanika-Kidprice Circuit

The Nanika-Kidprice circuit is a canoe route that passes through four lakes: Lamprey, Anzac, Stepp and Kidprice. Depending on personal schedule and speed, this journey usually takes about three days. However, those who want to spend more time in the woods can take as long as they wish. Travellers can choose to stay at a variety of campsites surrounding the lakes, some with facilities such as toilets and fire pits, and others totally rustic.

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