Morice River and Buck Flats

Canoeing at Stepp Lake, Nenikëkh/Nanika-Kidprice Provincial Park near Houston

(Chris Harris photo)


Beaches & Swimming

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

Houston is surrounded by hundreds of water systems – lakes, rivers and creeks – so it's no wonder swimming is one of the most popular activities here in the summer.

The closest place to cool off is in the Bulkley River directly under the bridge, which is part of Hwy 16 heading east out of town towards Burns Lake. The water is cold but on an especially hot day it feels heavenly.

Dunalter/Irrigation Lake

For a day-trip, Dunalter, more commonly referred to by locals as Irrigation Lake, is a great family picnic site. The lake is a few kilometers/miles west of town, on the south side of the highway. Look for the sign. There are washrooms, a grassy area with a few trees (good for resting on a blanket in the shade), and a small beach. The lake is peaceful, with pretty lily pads one side. The water is shallow and deepens gradually, making it a safe swim spot for children. Two short trails, nice for a stroll, also leave from the Irrigation Lake parking lot, and travel on either side of the lake.

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