Morice River and Buck Flats

Canoeing at Stepp Lake, Nenikëkh/Nanika-Kidprice Provincial Park near Houston

(Chris Harris photo)


Things to Do

Cross-Country skiing (Dave Heath photo)

Cross-Country skiing (Dave Heath photo)

Houston and its surrounding area offer outdoor activities for families, independent travelers, and extreme outdoors enthusiasts.

Numerous waterways provide plenty of beach time, swimming, canoeing, and fishing.

Explore the landscape via hiking or driving (along a mapped scenic drive route). There's no slowing during winter when certain hiking routes become cross-country ski trails.

Water Activities

In summer, Houston's hundreds of lakes are alive with activity such as swimming and fishing. Check out Irrigation Lake for a picnic or drive farther into the wild and find a spot to camp for a few days. Fishing is immensely popular in Houston, which is known as the Steelhead Capital. Anglers flock here to fish in the Morice and Bulkley Rivers for not only steelhead, but also spring and coho salmon, rainbow trout, char, and many other fish.

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