Morice River and Buck Flats

Canoeing at Stepp Lake, Nenikëkh/Nanika-Kidprice Provincial Park near Houston

(Chris Harris photo)



Houston is considered part of Northern British Columbia although it's located in the central interior of the province, almost halfway between Prince George, in the east, and Prince Rupert, on the west coast.

Highway 16, the main east-west route in Northern British Columbia, as well as the VIA rail line runs directly adjacent to town. Downtown is to the south of the highway and the track, while residences are mainly to the north.

Morice and Bulkley Rivers

Houston has two important nearby rivers. The Morice River, world famous for steelhead fishing, runs north-south, west of town, while the Bulkley River, also popular for fishing, twists and turns along the same general route as the railway and highway. Buck Creek links with the Bulkley River close to town and runs through part of Houston's centre.


Forests, agricultural farms, gentle mountain ranges and hundreds of tiny, midsize and massive lakes surround Houston. Most of Houston's businesses, service and community centres are located in a flat area just off of Highway 16. Some houses are also here, but most are southwest of town on top of a hill. It takes only five minutes to drive up the hill and 10 minutes to walk, assuming one takes the right path.

Climate and Weather

Houston's climate is mild. Summer temperatures average 14.5°C/58.1°F, while winter temperatures average -12.7°C/ 9.1°F. Average annual rainfall is 305cm/120.1in and annual snowfall is usually about 164cm/64.6in.