Canoeing on Hicks Lake
(Albert Normandin photo)

Harrison Hot Springs

Things to Do

Sailing on Harrison Lake (Picture BC photo)

Sailing on Harrison Lake (Picture BC photo)

Although Harrison Hot Springs' natural hot springs are a must on any itinerary, they really are only the beginning of a myriad of things to do.

The choices are as varied as winter skiing and year round golf to horseback riding, summer festivals and country Fall Fairs.

Family Attractions

Families flock to Harrison Hot Springs, in large part because of its safe swimming beaches, water sports, hiking trails and family-friendly atmosphere. Rent a quadra-cycle and just getting around becomes fun.

Add to this, attractions such as Kilby Historic Site, and the water slides at Bridal Falls, all within a 30 minute drive, and Harrison has all the ingredients for a great family vacation.

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