Ancient Haida poles, Haida Gwaii
(Tom Ryan photo)

Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands


Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) offer spectacular hiking with an assortment of trails.

Some pass through mossy, seemingly magical forests, while others make use of the beach. Many of the trails are round-trips, while others lead to viewpoints of the ocean, exceptional settings in the forests, shipwrecks, sand dunes and/or overnight cabins.

Choose between short, flat walking trails, which take less than an hour to complete, to full-on, multi-day, hikes that require preparation and appropriate camping gear. Depending on the trail, hikers may overnight at a cabin or official campground.

One of the most popular hikes is Tow Hill. It's located on the north coast of Graham Island, near Rose Spit, the area's most easterly point. The well marked trailhead is about a half hour drive east of Masset through breathtaking old growth forest. The Tow Hill trail is a steep 1km/0.6mi path through a damp, if not dripping, forest. The top has a viewing platform, which overlooks the ocean. This amazing hike has been brought to life as a "virtual hike," availble here, for those who are unable to access it.

Unique to Naikoon Provincial Park is a system of wooden boarwalks that make both forest and shoreline fully accessible for those with mobility challenges. And along these special trails, interpretive signs include braille.

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