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View of Grand Forks from Hardy Mountain

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Grand Forks

Transportation & Maps

Grand Forks is a Canada-US border crossing point located at the junction of Highway 3 and Highway 395.

Highway 3 is a well-travelled east-west route providing access to Vancouver in the west and Calgary in the east. Highway 395 runs south into the United States.

Car Travel

Grand Forks is pedestrian-friendly with a compact downtown shopping district, historic and cultural attractions, centrally located parks and walking paths along the Kettle and Granby rivers. However, other historic and agricultural attractions as well as outdoor recreational venues are outside the urban centre and require car travel.

Winter tires are recommended on mountain roads from October through April. Road conditions at higher elevations can be treacherous. Four-wheel or all-wheel-drive vehicles are best suited for rugged backcountry travel.

Car rentals in Grand Forks are available at Hogcar Auto Rentals (part of Hog N' Suds Auto Detailing).

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Transportation & Maps

Grand Forks