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Get to Know BC Wildlife

Learn more about the wild and winged creatures that call
British Columbia home

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A grizzly bear on the Chilko River | Destination BC/Yuri Choufour
Prince of Whales guided tour | @Vanlife.Sagas

Nothing beats the thrill of seeing wild and winged creatures in their natural habitats. In BC, we are blessed to be able to see wildlife all around us. This fall, book a tour with one of the province’s many knowledgeable and experienced guides to make a deeper connection. Guides know the prime viewing spots, and going with a professional ensures your safety and the safety of the animals, plus you get the added advantage of their expertise and insight.

Hire a local guide for your best chance to spot orcas breeching the watery surface, birds taking flight from forested nests, and grizzly bears roaming in a grassy sanctuary. Wherever you travel in BC, there are wildlife encounters to be had. Explore a new part of the province this fall and learn about its residents, both human and animal.

Learn With an Experienced Guide

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