Sandstone cliffs near Montague Harbour
(Adrian Dorst photo)

Galiano Island

Bird Watching

Bald Eagles in a tree

Galiano Island is home to an abundance of wild things.

The Galiano bird watching checklist includes eagles, kingfishers and hummingbirds. Rare species on the island include Bodega Ridge's population of peregrine falcons.

The winter herring runs in Active Pass draw hungry eagles and seabirds. Matthews Point provides front-row seats to view the feast. Many migratory flocks layover in Laughlin Lake (accessible from Vineyard Way just past Retreat Cove).

All told, some 130 species can be seen on Galiano, including warblers, hummingbirds, loons, grebes and Bonaparte’s gulls. An annual bird count takes place just after Christmas. Mike Hoebel's Bird Notes column in the island's monthly magazine The Active Page is must reading for incoming birders.