Gabriola Island South Beach (Richard Pullano photo)

Gabriola Island South Beach

(Richard Pullano photo)

Gabriola Island

Kayaking & Canoeing

Family kayaking (Dave Heath photo)

Family kayaking (Dave Heath photo)

Calm waters, hidden coves, dramatic sandstone coastlines, rainforest, sea birds, marine mammals, sandy bays mark Gabriola Island as a supremely versatile kayaking destination.

Malaspina Galleries

A kayak provides the best possible viewing of the Malaspina Galleries, a spectacular overhanging rock formation sculpted by glaciations and erosion. The "galleries" resemble a gigantic, 90m/295ft-long, 3.5m/11ft-high wave frozen in sandstone. Just don't try to surf it. Or walk on top. It's dangerous. Best time to view the galleries is low tide from spring to fall.

Paddling Highlights

Other favourite days paddles? The Flat Top Islands off Silva Bay offer great paddling, views of snow-capped mountains, seals and seabird colonies.

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