Fort St. James National Historic Site
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Fort St. James

Transportation & Maps

Fort St. James is accessible by car, bus, and private plane. The central part of town is easily walked.

Visitors can see the lake and get down to its shore, as well as reach most of the town's main attractions on foot. Nevertheless, to discover Fort St. James' more rural wonders and activities, a private vehicle is the most convenient.

Pick up maps of the town and surrounding region at the Fort St. James Visitor Centre.

Car Travel

To get to Fort St. James, turn north off Highway 16, the main highway through northwest BC, onto Highway 27. The town is located about 60km/37mi from Vanderhoof, which is about 100km/62mi west of Prince George. Car rentals are available in Prince George.

All the local roads, even the gravel roads, are in good shape, so any type of vehicle works. During the winter, however, one may need snow tires and/or a four-by-four, depending on snowfall. RV drivers can park in various places around town.

Bus Transportation

Another way to get to town is by bus. Northland Bus Lines serves Fort St. James and connects with Greyhound buses, which run east and west between Prince George and Prince Rupert on the west coast of the province.

Air Travel

Fort St. James also has an airport servicing private planes. Two aviation companies in town also offer charters and rentals.

Transportation Service Providers

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Transportation & Maps

Fort St. James