Fort St. James National Historic Site
(Picture BC photo)

Fort St. James


Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Fort St. James and its thousands of surrounding lakes are a haven for freshwater fishing.

The most obvious and a great place fish is Stuart Lake, on the shores of which the town is located. Here, visitors can snag prized rainbow trout, char, lake trout, and burbot. The Stuart River, which feeds into the lake close to town, is another good and easily accessible choice.

More Lakes

The area has hundreds of lakes to test anglers' skills. An option for more low-key fishers who are willing to drive an hour or so is Grassham Lake. It's possible to catch rainbow trout here every day of the year. The lake is also full of bays, points, and islands, which make for great scenery and fishing spots.

Grassham Lake doesn't have a boat launch, and therefore requires smaller rowboats or canoes. For a lake with a boat launch, drive a few more kilometers/miles down the road until reaching Camsell Lake.

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