Fort St. James National Historic Site
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Fort St. James


Family biking in grasslands (Picture BC photo)

Family biking in grasslands (Picture BC photo)

Adventurous visitors and locals love the incredible network of varied and easily accessible mountain biking trails in Fort St. James.

Trail names such as Dirty Girls, Back Bone, and Lumpy’s can’t help but entice those looking for a thrill.

Single and double track trails are located in the forest, on the lower half of Mount Pope, north of town. The trail network begins at the Mount Pope trailhead, a 10-minute drive or a longer bike west of downtown along Stuart Drive, and then Stones Bay Road.

Trail Information

Most trails are rated intermediate to expert and range between cross-country and downhill. Many also feature a variety of jumps, bridges, and technical areas. The trails loop and cross repeatedly within the forest. Mountain bikers could spend an entire day, conquering each and every one of them.

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