Muncho Lake Provincial Park
(Albert Normandin photo)

Fort Nelson

Parks & Wildlife

Park in BC (JF Bergeron photo)

Park in BC (JF Bergeron photo)

Captivated by impressive photographs of wildlife in Canada's north? In Fort Nelson, step inside the photographs and view amazing wildlife in person, such as Stone's sheep, grizzly bears, and mountain caribou.

While there is never a guarantee of seeing wildlife, chances are fairly high along the Alaska Highway and near the Rocky Mountains. The area’s vast parks offer a spectacular backcountry experience, and are great places to search for local wildlife.

Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park

Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park is one of BC’s largest provincial parks and is part of the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area, an enormous tract of protected wilderness. This remote park, accessed primarily by boat, plane, on horseback or on foot, is known for its exceptional backcountry opportunities. The park is inhabited by creatures large and small. Look for moose, elk, mountain goats, wolves, black and grizzly bears, and many smaller animals such as martens, fishers, weasels and wolverines.

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