Downtown Fernie
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River Rafting

Rafting (Reo Rafting Resort/Ryan Robinson photo)

Rafting (Reo Rafting Resort/Ryan Robinson photo)

Come for the superb scenery, or for the thrill of riding a wild beast of a river.

The Kootenay Rockies has no shortage of whitewater rivers, but near Fernie there are the raging Bull and Elk rivers, both of which deliver class III and class IV water in the spring.

The Bull River

Rafting adventures on the Bull are offered only in the spring, when water volume is at its peak. However, with features such as the evocatively named Toilet Bowl, this smaller river should not be underestimated.

The Elk River

Like its four-legged namesake, the Elk River can be both fierce and placid. During peak runoff, guides navigate more than 20 sections of rapids and the exciting Lower Canyon. The adrenaline rush continues throughout the summer – even though water volumes decrease later in the season.

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