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Park in BC (JF Bergeron photo)

Park in BC (JF Bergeron photo)

Drive on past the coal mining operations that flank the upper Elk Valley, and discover the true meaning of wilderness.

Elk Lakes Provincial Park, one of British Columbia's wildest mountain parks, can be accessed by road, while a second major wilderness park beyond Elk Lakes can be accessed via hiking trails.

Elk Lakes Provincial Park

This large (17,245ha/42,613ac) park rises to the spine of the Canadian Rockies, with hiking trails connecting with Alberta's Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The majority of the park is above the treeline, with alpine meadows coming alive with colour in late summer.

At lower elevations, the forest is comprised primarily of alpine fir, Engelmann spruce and lodgepole pine. A stand of old-growth forest surrounds the Elk Lakes themselves.

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