Marina at Cowichan Bay
(Andrea Johnson photo)


Boating & Sailing

Sailboat (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Sailboat (Canadian Tourism Commission photo)

Canada's southern Gulf Islands area is widely recognized as one of the premier sailing, boating, kayaking, and pleasure cruising regions in the world.

Two of the safest, most enticing harbours for sailors here are the marinas at Maple Bay and Genoa Bay (both a 25-minute drive east of Duncan). The first is on the westside of Sansom Narrows facing Salt Spring Island. Genoa Bay is just around the rocky bend to the south in Cowichan Bay.

There's also a good public marina in the lively and historic town of Cowichan Bay. Fishermen make tracks for the marina at Cowichan Lake (a 20-minute drive west of Duncan). Its boat launch is one of the busiest spots, and a fleet of aluminum boats are available for rent.

Maple Bay

When the winds pick up and the seas turn rough, wise sailors make the easy run to sheltered Bird's Eye Cove. The hideaway has been discovered by thousands of sailors over the years, among them such celebrities as Jack Nicholson, Barbra Streisand, and John Wayne.

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