Beach on Denman Island.

(Margie Gang photo)

Denman Island

Water Activities

View of lake (Picture BC photo)

View of lake (Picture BC photo)

With ten ocean access points and two pristine lakes, Denman Island is a prime spot for boating, swimming, beachcombing, and waterfront picnics.

Scope out the possibilities on the centrefold map included with the annual Hornby & Denman Island Visitor's Guide (available for free on the ferry and local brochure racks).


Brave swimmers who can handle cold ocean temperatures wade in from rocky beaches around the island. Most locals, however, prefer relatively balmy inland waters.

Lined with second-growth forest, Chickadee Lake is about a 10-minute drive north of Denman Village on Lake Road (off Northwest Road). Kids plunge into the still, clean water from rope swings. Fishermen cast lines for trout. And canoeists enjoy peaceful outings on a lake where motors are banned.

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