View of Mt. Fisher in the Rocky Mountains near Cranbrook.
(David Gluns photo)


Historic & Heritage Sites

Heritage buildings  (Picture BC photo)

Heritage buildings (Picture BC photo)

Cranbrook's historic and heritage sites revolve largely around the railway, without which the town wouldn't exist.

Admire the restoration of a luxury Trans-Canada Limited railcar at Trains Deluxe – the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, explore the heritage homes of the Baker Hill district, wander through Fort Steele Heritage Town, and learn about the history behind St. Eugene Resort.

Go on a self-guided walking or driving tour of Cranbrook's historic sites with the Heritage Buildings & Monuments Tour Map. The map includes the fascinating history of the downtown core, Baker Hill residential heritage area and the railway heritage area. For more information, enquire at the Cranbrook Visitor Centre or the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel.

Trains Deluxe

Trains Deluxe – The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel is not just about Cranbrook’s railway history. Trains Deluxe celebrates the golden age of rail travel in both Canada and the United States and received National Historic Designation in 2011.

One of the main attractions at the museum is an entire luxurious Trans-Canada Limited train set from 1929. The restoration of these lavish railcars involved many thousands of hours spent removing layers of paint to reveal original inlaid mahogany and black walnut panels. Original light fixtures and CPR artifacts have been reinstalled to bring the interiors back to their former elegance.

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