View of Desolation Sound from Cortes Island

(Richard Trueman photo)

Cortes Island

Things to Do

Potter (Potter (Toshi Kawano photo)

Potter (Potter (Toshi Kawano photo)

Most visitors come for the relaxing quiet, the rich wilderness, and watching the sunset along the serene beaches. 

Hikers, boaters, and cyclists will discover plenty of ways to explore Cortes' wilderness, while young families will enjoy the warm waters of Hague Lake and the easy relaxed style of island life that makes Cortes a perfect location to spend valued time together.

Outdoor Activities

Cortes’ empty beaches segue into forest paths, and are best explored by foot or on two wheels. Hike or bike through the dense and accessible forests like Kwas Park where trails wind through first growth trees and along Hague and Gunflint lakes. Black-tailed deer are a common site in backyards and trails.

Kayakers can watch for seals, sea lions, orcas, dolphins, and otters that are drawn by the wide variety of marine life flushed in by the tidal waters drawn from the Pacific. Herons, oystercatchers, and cormorants are easily found on the shoreline, and bald eagles soar overhead. Oysters are scattered along the shoreline and aromatic on the grill of a beachside bonfire. When in season, clam digging is among the best on the Pacific.

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