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Aboriginal carver

The only way to know any community in the world is to walk it.

With this in mind, the Comox Valley Visitor Centre has information available about the Town of Comox Heritage Walk. The eight-stop walk spans a range of discovery including history, culture, downtown, the Comox Marina and a walk in the forest. Estimated time frame is one hour.

Great Comox Midden

The tour begins with history. The K'omox First Nation left behind the Great Comox Midden, a subterranean strata of discarded sea shells testifying to a love of shellfish that endured for thousands of years. European settlers arrived in 1862, started their farms and forged on.

Filberg Heritage Park

The walk's opening highlight is Filberg Heritage Park & Lodge, the historic homestead of Robert Filberg, a former president of a giant BC logging outfit, and his wife Florence.

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