Canoes, Big Bar Guest Ranch
(Albert Normandin photo)



Clinton, "Gateway to the Cariboo," is situated on the southern edge of the Fraser Plateau.

The central portion of the Interior Plateau that covers most of British Columbia's interior. Highway 97, the longest continuously numbered route in BC, runs directly through town as the main street. Clinton is located 120km/75mi west of Kamloops, 378km/235mi northeast of Vancouver, and 74km/46mi south of 100 Mile House.


The topography immediately surrounding Clinton is one of gentle tree clad slopes, with a modest Lime Mountain dominating the view from town. However, dramatic viewscapes are close by. Marble Range, just 20 minutes west of town, features craggy mountain cliffs, caves, sinkholes, disappearing streams, cliffs, chasms, and crenellated limestone karsts. Chasm Provincial Park, and its Painted Chasm, is a 20 minute drive north of town. This miniature version of the Grand Canyon, the Painted Chasm displays successive rock layers of ancient lava flow in tones of red, brown, yellow, and purple.

Climate and Weather

The elevation of the Clinton, 887m/2900ft above sea level, leads to mild daytime temperatures and cool nights even in the height of summer. Daytime summer temperatures average around 20˚C/68˚F. The area receives less than 30cm/12in of rainfall a year. Winters bring modest snowfalls with average daytime temperatures of -6˚C/20˚F.  The mild weather and relatively close proximity to Vancouver make Clinton an ideal spot for year-round outdoor activities.

Check in with the Visitor Centre for more information on viewing the Painted Chasm and other unique geographic features in Clinton.