Moul Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park
(Picture BC photo)


Festivals & Events

Crowd at event (Kevin Arnold photo)

Crowd at event (Kevin Arnold photo)

Festivals and events held throughout the year in and around Clearwater celebrate the community's connection to its rich natural geography.

These include the First Fish Ceremony, the Clearwater Kayak Festival, and the Star Gazing Festival. Other celebrations such as the Becoming Shiloh Music Festival held at the Serenity Performing Arts Centre reflect a dedication to the area's creative community.

First Fish Ceremony

The First Fish Ceremony is an interpretive program showcasing the Simpcw First Nation's culture and history, particularly relating to the significance of the Raft River salmon run. Original inhabitants of the North Thompson Valley, the Simpcw First Nation hunted and fished throughout a territory spanning from McLure north to the headwaters of Fraser River, and McBride to Jasper, Alberta south to the headwaters of the Athabasca River.

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