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Snowmobiling  (Don Weixl photo)

Snowmobiling (Don Weixl photo)

Snowmobiling around Chetwynd is characterized by deep powder and crisp mountain air.

Snowmobile trails into the Rocky Mountains are just an hour or two away, and trailheads are located in Pine Pass and along Hasler Forest Service Road.

Enjoy the quiet solitude of the forest, play in alpine bowls, or take some steep climbs. The local Pine Valley Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club and other Northern British Columbia snowmobile clubs have extensively mapped the local trail systems.

Hassler Snowmobile Trail Network

Hassler Snowmobile Trail Network is one of the most popular snowmobile areas in Northern British Columbia. It features numerous routes individually named, such as Bear Den, Sunshine Bowl, and Overhang. The Hassler terrain is largely in the subalpine. However, it does eventually open up into a series of alpine meadows. This area is for intermediate and experienced sledders.

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