Sockeye salmon run in the Adams River
(Chun Lee photo)


Things to Do

Waterfront pier (Picture BC photo)

Waterfront pier (Picture BC photo)

Chase is a hub for four-season recreation.

Set on the shores of Little Shuswap Lake and the South Thompson River, and connected by water and road with Shuswap Lake, the focus is on the outdoors. But Chase offers historic and cultural attractions as well.

Natural Sights, Parks & Wildlife

Nature is part of the fabric of Chase. In every direction mountains, forest and water dominate the view. Try fish spotting as millions of sockeye salmon swim right past the village on their way to the Adams River in spawning season. Look up at the mountainside south of town and there are the resident Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Birdwatchers get out the binoculars for sightings of ospreys, bald eagles feeding their young, and tundra and trumpeter swans that winter in the area. Within 30km/18.6mi of Chase, four provincial parks protect the region's natural heritage and provide a host of recreational options.

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