Kayaks on Bowen Island
(Picture BC photo)

Bowen Island

Beaches & Swimming

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

Kids swimming (Picture BC photo)

Salty breezes, sandy shores, and soulful sunset views are among the attractions that draw swimmers to the half-dozen public beaches of Bowen Island.

Swimming here is a treat in the summertime. The relaxed, tranquil atmosphere provides a pleasant contrast to the bustling beaches of nearby Vancouver.

The three most popular beaches on Bowen Island are Sandy Beach, Tunstall Bay, and Bowen Bay.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is the closest beach to the Bowen Island ferry terminal in Snug Cove, and it lives up to its name. It's a nice place for the whole family to relax. Toilets, garbage disposal, and parking are available. Take a dip and check out the local waterfowl.

Tunstall Bay

The charming, sheltered Tunstall Bay is located on the west side of Bowen Island, and can be reached by car, bike, or direct bus service from Snug Cove.

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