The Atnarko River near Bella Coola
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Bella Coola


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Bella Coola offers accommodations to suit all tastes, including charming B&Bs and upscale lodges, cabins with mountain-top views, and small but modern hotels located near town.

Accommodations are spread throughout the Bella Coola Valley, but are mainly close to and within the villages of Bella Coola and Hagensborg, which is a quick 10-minute drive (14 km/8.5 mi) away. There are two hotels with restaurants and pubs, a motel overlooking the Bella Coola River and several inns and lodges – some of which offer services including fine dining, spa amenities or guided tours.

A wide range of quality, style and amenities will ensure visitors can find a perfect place to stay. However, space may be limited during the high season (June to October) and particularly on, or around, ferry arrival days. Visitors are strongly recommended to book well in advance.

Camping, B&Bs and Cabins

Visitors looking for a more personal experience can stay in one of the valley's bed and breakfasts, or set up camp at a local campground. There are five private campgrounds and several public campgrounds totaling more than 200 sites for tents and RVs, all within a short driving distance from Bella Coola. Several offer beautiful river views, nearby forest walks or cabin rentals.

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