The historic M.V. Tarahne sternwheeler



Hotel room

Atlin has a limited selection of accommodation, but each offers an especially warm and welcoming atmosphere. Located either directly in town or just in the outskirts are a couple of bed and breakfasts, a chalet, various rustic rental cabins, and a historic hotel that opens for heli-skiers in the winter.

Camping & Houseboats

Camping during the summer months is popular. Atlin has its own campground in town and several free forestry campgrounds, with about four sites each, are nearby. Most are lakeside while one is near a knee-deep warm spring. A unique option for summer groups is to stay on Atlin Lake in a houseboat.

Booking Accommodation

Some accommodations are only open in the winter or summer. Sometimes, they aren't open at all or are rented for full seasons depending on work in the area. In addition, some have limited space, so big groups need to make plans accordingly. It's best to call ahead of time and check what's currently available.

Nearby Accommodation

For those looking for more mainstream accommodation, a couple hours' drive north is Whitehorse in the Yukon, which has a large selection of hotels, motels, and other types of places to stay.

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