The historic M.V. Tarahne sternwheeler


Glacier Hiking, Atlin Provincial Park (JF Bergeron photo)

Glacier Hiking, Atlin Provincial Park (JF Bergeron photo)

Atlin (population: 400) is often referred to as the Switzerland of the North.

The name itself, which comes from the Tlingit word "atlah," actually means "Big Water." Both of these descriptions are suitable for this small isolated community that sits on the province's largest natural lake and is surrounded by massive mountain ranges and ice fields.

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Enjoy any number of land and water activities including boating, fishing, skiing, hiking close to town, and many more recreational sports such as snowshoeing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and glacier hiking at two provincial parks nearby. Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park is best known for its river system, while Atlin Provincial Park includes Atlin Lake, many more though smaller lakes, and melting glaciers. The town also boasts a diverse range of artists and a rich history of gold mining.

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