Ashcroft landscape
(Picture BC photo)



Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

Two hikers admiring the views (Picture BC photo)

The well-marked hiking trails of the Ashcroft area are suited to various skill levels and usually remain open even in winter (as heavy snowfall is uncommon).

Ashcroft's hiking terrain is a mix of gradual inclines and long flats that move through rolling hills and along accessible lakes. Most trails begin at the Ashcroft Fire Hall, a historic walking tour site.

Easy Trails

One of Ashcroft's most popular hiking trails is the Mesa Loop. At 2.8 km/1.7mi in length the loop takes about 1.5 hours to complete. To reach the trail drive from the Fire Hall in Ashcroft across the railway trail towards Logan Lake. Watch for Mesa Vista Drive on the left and follow it up the hill for about 300m/984ft. The top of the mesa provides a great view of hoodoos (towering sandstone spires). The hoodoos are also visible from Barnes Creek Trail, a 5.47 km/3.4mi narrow paved route leading to "The Slough" along the Thompson River.

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