Horseback riding in the Potato Range
(Albert Normandin photo)

Anahim Lake


Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Anahim Lake (the lake itself), with its panoramic views of the Coast Mountain Range, has attracted sports anglers for decades. The lake's many bays and reed beds make it an ideal location for fly-fishing using waders or float tubes. It is also suited to spin-casting or trolling for fighting rainbow trout ranging 0.5kg/1lb to 1kg/2lb and even larger in size.

Lucky fishers might snag a cutbow. Found exclusively in Anahim Lake, the cutbow is a cross between the cutthroat and bull trout.

Floatplanes are occasionally seen taking off and landing on Anahim Lake as they ferry anglers to outposts for a day of fishing on isolated alpine lakes. Lakes in the region are so numerous that fishing the same lake twice is unnecessary. Check out Hotnarko Lake, a fly-in only lake with phenomenal fly-fishing for rainbow trout. Local operators provide boat and motor rentals, bait, tackle and fishing licenses.

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