Abbotsford Circle Farm Tour

Farmland in Abbotsford

(Picture BC photo)



Family biking in grasslands (Picture BC photo)

Family biking in grasslands (Picture BC photo)

With terrain that covers cross country adventure and careening slopes, Abbotsford is a mountain biker's Nirvana.

It inaugurated world championships in pit biking and, with a unique indoor facility (open November - February), BMX racing enables bikers to ride, compete and train year round.


Located between Straiton Rd and McKee Rd, these two trails are considered technical rides with plenty of drops, wall rides and bridges.

Lost Oakleys (intermediate/expert)

From its access point just below Ledgeview Golf Course, on the north side of McKee Road, the course winds down towards Sandy Hill, over a stream and through an open field before the single track trail starts in earnest. It's a steep and winding descent with plenty of technical challenges, especially at Oh Mamma, The Dog's Breakfast and The Twisted Sis, a ladder with a 90 degree twist that takes the rider from one elevated wall to another.

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