Abbotsford Circle Farm Tour

Farmland in Abbotsford

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Festivals & Events

Crowd at event (Kevin Arnold photo)

Crowd at event (Kevin Arnold photo)

Abbotsford's year-round events, sporting activities and consumer shows at TradeX reach far beyond its agricultural roots.

Abbotsford International Air Show

As Canada's largest air show, this three day spectacular attracts in excess of 350,000 visitors. The Abbotsford International Air Show includes on-the-ground static exhibits such as the B-52, F-14 Top Cat, V-8B Harrier and F-117 stealth fighter alongside other armed forces tactical equipment and demonstrations.

Aerial Displays

Aerial displays are at the show's heart, usually wowing visitors with the showmanship of the CAF Snowbirds, Canada's national aerobatic team, demonstrations of Corsair, Spitfire and Sea Fury aircraft as well as freefall acrobatics with the CAF Skyhawks parachute team, championship wing walkers and international flight participants. It's a great family show though infants might find the noise unsettling.

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