British Columbia’s untamed nature speaks to the soul. Our vast landscape inspires introspective personal journeys and unbridled adventures. Our people connect explorers with unexpected moments that renew the human spirit. Our cities, set on the doorstep of the wild, make it easy to step further into nature and explore the endless possibilities of the outdoors.

Hikers in Haida Gwaii
The Canadian Rocky Mountains

Every Journey Starts With A Story

Stories of the ancient rainforests, colossal mountain peaks, and remote towns of British Columbia have been passed around campfires and barstools for centuries. See how BC’s rugged nature has reconnected explorers to the wild within and gather the kindling to spark your next adventure.

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Where Nature is Nurtured

From massive mountain ranges and windswept beaches to rainforests overflowing with life, BC’s cities and towns share a deep connection to the wild that surrounds them. Find one that calls to you.

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Whale Watching in Haida Gwaii

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Limitless Nature,
Vibrant Culture

Feel your breath pause when a bear lumbers into sight along a rocky shore, or a humpback whale gracefully flips its tail in the Pacific Ocean. Touch calm waters as you paddle a canoe across a glacial lake, or dip into a natural hot spring.

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Downtown Nelson | Dave Heath

Cities on the edge of wilderness

In British Columbia, nature shapes culture. The lively energy of our towns and neighbourhoods is endlessly fueled by the wild that surrounds us.

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