View of downtown 100 Mile House

(Picture BC photo)

100 Mile House


Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Fishing at sunset (Picture BC photo)

Hundreds of lakes surrounding 100 Mile House offer year-round fishing that is so good that parts of Highway 24 has been nicknamed "The Fishing Highway."

This corridor, just 10 minutes south of 100 Mile House, to the turnoff to Little Fort, is 97km/61mi long, and provides access to some of the world's best rainbow trout fishing lakes, plus a number of British Columbia's best fishing resorts, guest ranches and wilderness lodges.

Sheridan Lake and Trophy-Sized Trout

Sheridan Lake, approximately 40-minutes' drive southeast of 100 Mile House, along the Fishing Highway, is one of the three or four lakes in BC known as "trophy lakes" where rainbow trout grow to record sizes.

Sheridan Lake is stocked with 300,000 rainbow trout annually and is famous for its enormous rainbows that can weigh in as much as 9kg/20lb each.

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