Cypress Provincial Park
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Vancouver, Coast & Mountains


The Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region is a popular hub for rail services, with routes from the Rockies (and farther east), the US, and within BC, all criss-crossing the region.

Vancouver is the region’s central rail hub: it is the western terminus for trans-Canadian passenger rail services and the northern terminus for cross-border routes. It also offers regularly scheduled service sightseeing rail trips to Whistler.

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1 Train in Vancouver, Coast & Mountains

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VIA Rail - Vancouver


VIA Rail's flagship train, the Canadian, travels through 4,500 km of some of Canada's most spectacular landscape. Operating year-round, this land cruise between Vancouver & Toronto takes 3 days & 4 nights, departing 3 times/week in each direction in peak season & 2 times/week off peak. In the Sleeper Touring class passengers enjoy a unique dining car experience, with meals freshly prepared on-board, cabins with sleeping accommodations, glass dome viewing cars & lounge areas.

Experience our new Prestige bedroom featuring a double bed, private shower, and concierge service.

On the Jasper-Prince Rupert train, you travel between Prince Rupert & Jasper discovering Northern BC's scenery, native culture & other attractions along the way. Touring class is available on select departures in peak season.

1 - 1 of 1 Results