Blue Mountain Vineyards, Okanagan Falls
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Thompson Okanagan

Visitor Centres

British Columbia's Visitor Centres are members of the Visitor Centre Network and are available to provide you with tourist information, assistance and advice.

Identified by their distinctive, blue-and-yellow logo, these Visitor Centres provide a wide range of visitor services, including professional visitor counselling, helpful travel information and literature, and accommodation reservations. Visitor Centres specialize in community information and provincial itinerary planning and their service is friendly and personalized.

To complement the Visitor Centre Network, many small communities operate seasonal tourist information booths. These operations do not sport the Visitor Centre logo. Local community information can be obtained during regular business hours throughout the summer.

The Thompson Okanagan's Visitor Centres are listed below in alphabetical order. Choose the relevant page for the community you're interested in visiting.

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West Kelowna Visitor Centre - West Kelowna
2376 Dobbin Rd West Kelowna, British Columbia V4T 2H9
31 - 31 of 31 Results
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