Skaha Lake Circle

Rock climbing the Skaha Buffs near Penticton

(Don Weixl photo)

Thompson Okanagan

Climbing & Caving

Rock climbing (Don Weixl photo)

Rock climbing (Don Weixl photo)

The sunny Okanagan is a haven for rock climbers and mountaineers.

With arguably the best weather in Western Canada, the Okanagan Valley also offers the longest climbing season in the province, perfect for exploring the Skaha Bluffs, one of the most popular rock climbing destinations in BC, or Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Skaha Bluffs and Mount Robson Provincial Park

The Skaha Bluffs are the second-most popular climbing destination in BC. Located just outside Penticton, they are a series of cliffs ranging up to 80m/250ft that provide climbers, hikers and sightseers with an excellent view of Penticton, Skaha Lake and the Okanagan Valley.

Mount Robson Provincial Park is home to Canada's famous mountain. Standing nearly 4,000m/13,000ft Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and a challenging and coveted goal of climbers from around the world. The mountaineering, climbing and hiking opportunities in this park are nearly limitless.

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