Historic buildings and boats in Telegraph Cove's harbour
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Telegraph Cove

Climbing & Caving

Rock climbing (Don Weixl photo)

Rock climbing (Don Weixl photo)

It's a surprise to most Canadians that BC boasts more limestone caves than all other provinces in Canada combined.

Some of Canada's longest and deepest cave systems are found on Northern Vancouver Island, and with more waiting to be discovered.

What is Caving?

Caving is the popular term for the sport of cave exploration. It's the recreational form of spelunking, the underground scientific study of natural caves and karst formations.


Karst is a landscape sculpted by water, but this doesn't begin to describe it: It's an eerie realm of sinkholes, vertical shafts, disappearing streams, springs, and caves. Welcome to one of Canada's most exotic landscapes. About 4% of Vancouver Island's surface area is composed of karst. Vancouver Island has more than 1,000 caves. Care to give it a try?

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